Curved tempered glass is obtained through heating by convection, bending with automatic tools and subsequent fast cooling, which results in a considerable increase of mechanical strength and the possible breakage into small grains, thus making it into a safety glazing. Furthermore, we can produce heat-strengthened  glass and carry out the Heat Soak Test if the project demands it.

We have three different formats for our cylindrical benders, with different radius and girths in order to offer the widest range of solutions to the market, for either industrial or architectural glass. The high convection in our automatic oven allows us to bend and temper high selectivity coated glasses and Low-E glasses, with emissivity values down to 0,03. The high mechanical strength obtained through tempering allows us to produce glass units with holes, cut-outs and edgework. The precision of these bending furnaces enables us to carry out projects with curved tempered and laminated glasses with high quality edgework.