Digital printing techniques allow us to let creativity fly, without the necessity to make screens and allowing the use a great chromatic range of vivid colors, without necessitating large projects.

Exterior use
For external use where color degradation is critical, it is adequate to use ceramic paints. No other technique can guarantee the durability offered by these paints and therefore the glasses must be tempered. The color range is limited to ceramic paints but some spectacular things can be made. Our creative department closely collaborates in the realization of projects in order to make the best use of this advance technique.

Interior use
We have different techniques and finishes for using digital printing in interiors. We have the possibility to print on different substrates with ceramic inks, thus obtaining the best results.
The colors are vivid and bright, both as opaque and translucent. The treatment and quality of the image are the initial point to get the best out of this technique. Great photography artists and digital procedures involved in these projects in order to consider the images as authentic works of art.