The Pyroguard product range is designed to provide fire safety glazing solutions for a variety of building applications. Control Glass can cut the Pyroguard stock sheets and provide to you the required sizes of the project. The products have a short delivery lead time and are easily cut and processed, allowing flexibility in their use.

The Pyroguard EW range protects against flames, smoke and heat, automatically meeting the requirements of the E rated fire glass range. The EW range has the advantage of additional heat control and, therefore, greater fire protection. All Pyroguard glass carries the CE Mark and comes with a declaration of performance supplied by Pyroguard . Laminated glass complies with EN 14449:2005. Pyroguard products can be cut and processed for Control Glass for non-IGU applications.

The Pyroguard EI range protects against flames and smoke to the standards set by the E rated fire glass range, in addition it also provides full thermal insulation for fire applications to EN 13501. The EI range consists of different compositions depending on whether their application is interior or exterior. These glasses provide impact classification of 1B1 to EN 12600.